Five Great Ways to Protect Your Car’s Vintage Look

August 25, 2016 •

Everyone wants to protect their vehicle’s look, but vintage cars need an extra touch. If you own a vintage model, you’re likely already dishing out big bucks to keep it operable. Whether you’re using it for day-to-day use, storing it or displaying it in car shows, you‘ll need to keep its good side spruced up. Check out these five great vintage protection approaches, and secure your vehicle’s look for years to come.   Read More ››

HTC 10 Specs, Review and Car Phone Mounts

HTC 10 Specs, Review and Car Phone Mounts

August 19, 2016 •

It would seem that HTC is making a comeback with its latest flagship smartphone, the HTC 10. Overall, Android users are pleased with the new device. Fans are happy to see that there are a lot more features to be excited about compared to the HTC One M9. Check out the HTC 10’s specs as well as our device review and custom and adjustable car phone holders.   Read More ››

iPhone 7 Rumored to Launch September 23

iPhone 7 Rumored to Launch September 23

August 17, 2016 •

Last week, we rounded up a short recap of the latest iPhone 7 rumors. As time continues to drag into late summer, an early fall launch of the newest iPhone is seemingly imminent. Using history as an indicator, September and October have become traditionally Apple-centric months. With iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad launches pounding retail shelves, we can expect to see the new iPhone 7 within the next few weeks.   Read More ››

Today’s Top Affordable Cars You Should be Watching

Top Affordable Cars in 2016

August 16, 2016 •

Who doesn’t love a bargain purchase? In 2016, price doesn’t necessarily dictate quality. A few solid car models have breached the market this year, and a lot of them are obtainable without breaking your bank. If you’re looking for value, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our roundup of 2016’s best options, price-wise.   Read More ››